Charge Entry / Claim Submission

We provide complete cycle medical billing services. You provide demographic information on each patient and charge information for each visit/surgery. We do the rest. Our charge-entry team enters charges on a daily basis, with checks in place to ensure that each patient encounter is captured for submission to the appropriate payer. We offer and encourage the use of a verification process for this purpose

Payment Posting

We access payment information in one of two ways:

1.Electronic Remittance Advice files (ERA's)

2.Paper Remittance Notices (EOB's) which are forwarded to us upon receipt by the practice.

The ERA's and EOB's are heavily scrutinized by our Payment Posting Team and our software to ensure appropriate payment. If there is a remaining balance on a claim or a claim is denied, it becomes responsibility of our export Accounts Receivable team.


Accounts Receivable

Matrix Medical Billing utilizes processes on the front end of the medical billing cycle to limit the number of claims that are denied or underpaid. However, another level of rigorous follow- up is in place if denials do occur.Our experienced Accounts Receivable specialists are trained to identify the appropriate response to prevent repeat denials in the future.

Patient Statements

Having confirmed that all other payers have appropriately reimbursed the practice for a submitted claim, a remaining balance may be owed by the patient. In these instances, a statement will be generated with a detailed and patient friendly explanation of the balance due. Should the patient have questions concerning his/her statement he/she may contract us.

Patient Inquiries

We have dedicated representatives to respond to any question a patient may have about his/her medical bill . We encourage the patient to contact us with any questions or concerns; thus relieving practice staff the burden.



We strive to provide ample data in a clear concise format so that each practice can make informed decisions concerning it growth and practice patterns. Toward tat end, we offer:

  1. Transactions (charges, payments, submissions) are logged daily and made available to the physician.
  2. Depending on the preference of the physician, ambulatory surgery center, monthly reports may include, but are not limited to the following:
    1. Charges,Payments, Adjustments analyses
    2. Financial Class report for charges and payments
    3. Payer Mix Analysis
    4. AR Aging by payer
    5. Collection Report