About Us

Our Philosophy

To eliminate repetitive paperwork and improve efficiency. A successful billing company ensures appropriate attention to all levels of the complete billing cycle and successfully receive proper reimbursement.

Why Choose Matrix Billing Services?

When selecting a revenue cycle management company, providers should look for organization that can provide the greatest financial return through services that are transparent, dependable and responsive. By exclusively specializing in the revenue cycle, we have developed a system that is effective and efficient. While other RCM companies focus on software, sales, and improving there bottom lines we stay committed to our clients through the continuous enhancements of its services.

Meet the Team

Vivian Vega

Founder & CEO

Having worked with physicians , surgery centers and their staff for over 12 years Vivan understands that the reasons behind client satisfaction are rarely one-dimensional. While providers stress the desire to limit cost and maximize revenue. Vivian has shaped a company that is committed to delivering complete cycle billing services, top-notch customer service, detailed transparency, expertise and efficiency.

The Medical Billing Company Serving Physicians' True Needs

AR Experts

  • Get rid of delays. Get Rid of denials. Collect More.

Best Practice Customer Service

  • Matrix's medical billing team works in-house, allowing for maximum communication and efficiency, as well as truly dependable and responsive customer service.